Process Excellence

At Kulara Water, we are strongly committed to implementing the highest international quality standards and best sustainable practices at all stages of our production processes. Eau Kulen is directly bottled at the source in our state-of-the-art infrastructures with world leading technologies.

Our bottling plants are certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), and strictly conform to the requirements of Cambodia Standards CS 193:2011 080-1 ISC.

As the first and leading natural mineral water producer in the Kingdom of Cambodia, we have established strong frameworks for sustainable production with a true exemplary and inclusive value chain. We also strive, through a few long-term investment programs, to reduce and/or compensate the negative environmental externalities of our operations.

Many controls to ensure impeccable water quality

Kulara Water’s team is particularly committed to a quality approach combining rigorous in-house controls and a set of complementary analysis led by external independent laboratories. At all stages of the production, from the water collection at the source to the bottling process, numerous security procedures ensure that our natural mineral water is always safe for our consumers.

Kulara Water’s integrated laboratory, which includes several in-house microbiologists, takes a minimum of 6 samples per day to look for any form of bacteriological contamination and to ensure the strict control of the production. Two other independent laboratories, in Cambodia and in Singapore, also guarantee the excellent quality of our Eau Kulen.

Local Consumption, Responsible Consumption

At Kulara Water, we believe that short circuits help to protect the environment by minimizing global greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, and that local consumption helps to promote and guarantee sustainable jobs, as well as fair and responsible production models and inclusive value chains.

Consuming locally is indeed an act of responsible consumption, and a key to strengthen the local economy and sustain the livelihoods of current and future generations. The launch of our natural mineral water, which is produced locally with the highest international standards of Excellence, has responded quickly to the Cambodian market demand in terms of healthy products, quality products and product traceability.

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Did You Know?

Finding the right source, well-balanced in essential minerals and trace elements, is one thing. Starting and running a successful bottling water company is another thing. Beyond our committed team, many leading international experts have contributed to the success of our Eau Kulen, the No. 1 Natural Mineral Water in Cambodia, as well as of “La Vie” Natural Mineral Water in Vietnam. Among them is Yves Jacques, a former technical director of the French brand Evian for many years.

Yves Jacques is also Claude Jacques’s brother, a prominent historian specialized in the Khmer civilization and closely involved in the plan to safeguard the 401 km2 of Angkor archaeological park, among UNESCO most important World Heritage sites in the world.